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Lush Kerbside Violet - Perfume Decant

RM 22.00

Kerbside Violet by Lush is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Kerbside Violet was launched in 2014. Notes are violet, woody notes and powdery notes.


""Soft, green shoots entwined with heavy concrete - a romance of earth and stone imagined in sweet, green hues. Sweet violets border the kerbs; tenacious in their delicacy, earnest little faces fragile enough to crush underfoot. Look closer. See how the petals flush with colour and dew hangs at the throat of each bud. See how the violets spread, mycellium-like, through an urban jungle, adorning avenues of gravel and brick with purple plumage. A tentative springtime imagined in perfume, still tempered by morning frosts, but with the promise of summer to come."" - a note from the brand."