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Fragrance Decant Set - ELDO

Promotion - Sample Decant Set Etat Libre D'Orange

RM 120.00


Sample Decant Set for 13 Etat Libre D'Orange fragrances.

1ml set x 13 ELDO frangrances - RM120!

3ml set x 13 ELDO fragrances - RM200!

Free Shipping. Stock limited to only 5 slots for each set type

ELDO Fragrances in the sample set are as follows :-

1. Fat Electrician

2. Soul of My Soul

3. Exit The King

4. Tilda Swinton Like This

5. La Fin Du Monde

6. Fleurs Du Dechet (Trash )

7. Jasmine Et Cigarette 

8. Remarkable People

9. Rien 

10. Tom Of Finland

11. Fils De Dieu Du Riz Et Des Agrumes 

12. Ghost In The Shell

13. You or Someone Like You