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An Overview Of The House of Atelier Cologne And A Peak At Clementine California

Hello Fragrance Enthusiasts, welcome to the channel Decoris Amora.

Today we’ll be looking at a fragrance from the House of Atelier Cologne  called Clementine California.

But first, a little about the House. It was founded in 2009 by the husband and wife team of Sylvie Ganter   and Christophe Cervasel and currently has 55 perfumes to its name..  

 Atelier Cologne has a very distinct DNA, one that emphasizes unisex citrus scents. It is best known for fragrances like Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis, and Pacific Lime.

 Atelier Cologne is also notable for introducing the cologne absolue. From its name, its products can easily be mistaken for a weak concentration of a cologne which comprises perfume oils of between 2 to 4 percent. On the contrary, these cologne absolues of the House are typically concentrated to the levels of 15 percent of perfumes oils. This  is equivalent to that of an eau de toilette or a weaker eau de parfum.

 Turning now to the perfume featured in this video, Clémentine California is a Citrus Aromatic introduced in 2016. It epitomizes Atelier Cologne and its philosophy so well being a soft and refined citrus with commendable performance. It opens with the fresh sweetness of Clementine, Mandarin Orange and the tartness of juniper berry, transitioning to a spicy mid of Basil, Star Anise and Pepper. As with all citrus heavy fragrance, some woody and heavier notes are required at the base and this is anchored by Cypress, Haitian Vetiver and Sandalwood.

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