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Gucci Alchemist's Garden - The Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer

Gucci – The Last Day Of Summer

 Now here's an order from a customer of a fragrance that don't get chosen very often. 

 I suppose the Alchemist's Garden line from Gucci is dominated by the very good oud, saffron and patchouli bomb, Voice of The Snake that the rest of the line don't get much attention. But it is nonetheless sold by the Alberto Morillas name, from which consumers may get some form of assurance of a standard of quality (I personally don't get pigeon-holed with such assumptions). 

 Although not the most renowned, The Last Day of Summer catches attention being a less common cypress forward scent.   Although frequently used interchangeably, cypress and pine are actually two different types of trees with the similarity due to the same coniferous shrubs they share. Here the scent is green, piney and woody with a sweet earthy vetiver undertone and rounded with the slightly sourish spiciness of nutmeg. 

 The name does it justice as it reminds of the changing seasons and one that can straddle both a warmer and cooler wear. Nothing outstanding but a quality fragrance, nonetheless. 

 To draw a similarity, Lalique's Nathalie Lorson created Encre Noire is also a cypress forward perfume, but its inky brooding dampness makes it different from this Gucci, which is a little more cheerful and upbeat.     

 Try it, you may love it.



 Order masuk untuk perfume yang tidak kerap dipilih oleh customer. Perfume yang terkemuka dari line Alchemist's Garden dari Gucci ni ialah Voice of the Snake sehinggakan perfume lain dalam line tidak dapat tumpuan yang secukupnya.

 Tapi apa yang menarik berkenaan The Last Day of Summer ni ialah note cypress dia yang tidak kerap ditemui membawa kepada scent yang agak green, woody dan earthy dengan vetiver dan nutmeg (buah pala) melengkapkan struktur notes.

 Sebagai perbandingan, Encre Noire dari Lalique juga satu perfume yang menumpu kepada note cypress. Tapi perbezaan antara dua perfume ni agak ketara juga disebabkan haluan Encre Noire yang menampilkan kelembapan sebagai aspek yang unik dari note cypress didalam adunan notes.

Last Day of Summer ni satu perfume yang boleh dikatakan unik dan senang dipakai, dikeadaan cuaca yang dingin maupun cuaca yang panas.

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