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Mr. Gaultier's Coconut Goodness

Mr. Gaultier's Coconut Goodness

Today’s scent  is all about the Caribbean. In particular to Harry Belafonte as he bellowed “Coconut water...good for your daughter. Coconut iron....makes you roar like a lion!!”

At that is what JPG’s new Le Male flanker is all about.

JPG Le Beau 2019 is a coconut and tonka bean dominant fragrance, although the bergamot lends it versatility as a day time warmer weather wear despite its clear Le Male DNA sweetness.

Although not a clone by any means, there is more than a passing resemblance to Creed’s Virgin Island Water, another coconut led offering, especially in the opening few minutes of the top notes.  To my nose, the Creed fragrance has a different coconut scent as it is derived from copra while Le Beau is made up more of the fresh juices. Also funnily, I get a very clear impression of the candy Bounty from Virgin Island Water.

This is becoming my favourite in the Le Male line, not just because of its scent but also because of the gorgeous bottle and the magnificent juice colour. That alone warrants the entry price.

Decants available here

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