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Perfume Decanting - The Why & The How

Perfume Decanting - The Why & The How

Decanting is the process of transferring fragrance from the original bottles into smaller sized bottles.

Decants is a safe way of trying perfumes to see if it suits your taste. Most retail size perfumes come in 100ml or 50ml bottles and are often priced high. Even if you like a particular perfume, you might not need such a large sized bottle. So sample, don’t gamble.

The process is started by removing the cap and the nozzle or atomiser, revealing the top of the feeder tube.   

Using a syringe with a rubber tubing to provide a snug fit to the feeder tube, the fragrance is drawn from the bottle by way of suction.

The use of a syringe also allows for accurate measurement of the perfume drawn to match with the capacity of the decant bottle.

The collar of the decant bottle is wrapped with PTFE tape to prevent seepage and spillage after which the atomiser is twisted tightly over.  

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